Wire-O 3:1 (34 loops)

  • Wire-O 2:1 (23 loops)
  • Wire-O 3:1 (34 loops)
Opus WIRE JUMBO Electric wire binding
Binding equipment designed for binding documents with spiral-o wire binding combs. Great for large office and copy shops use.

Specification :
Brand : OPUS
Operation type : manual
Maximum format : A4
Maximum punching sheet* capacity : 25 * tests made on paper 80 g/m²
Spine type : wire
Binding capacity (sheets)* for 3:1" pitch wire : 120
Punching specification: spine type : wire 3:1" (three holes per inch)
Punching specification: number of releseable knives : 35
Margin adjustment : Yes
Metal housing : yes
Adjustable backgauge : yes
Spine thickness measurement : no
Net weight : 15,50 kg
Gross weight : 16 kg
Height : 524 mm
Width : 494 mm
Depth : 438 mm
Feature / purpose : Manual binding machines, Office binding machines, Professional binding machines
Type of binding : Wire spine binding
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RENZ WBS 360 Wire-o binding machine manual 3:1 & 2:1
Only for binding elements RENZ RING WIRE ® ø 3/16 "- 1 1/2" (5.5 to 38 mm), independent of it, working width max. 360 mm.
WBS module can be attached to the electrical punch table DTP 340 M to form a system of punching and binding which saves space.
The apparatus may be used independently.
With the construction side open, two lengths can be closed: 2 x 360 mm.
Simply snap the punch table DTP-340M & DTP-340A.
Quality "Made in Germany".
Warranty 1 year
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Opus WIRE EL-JUMBO Electric Binding Machine
Electric Binding Machine Wire EL-Punch.
Robust European manufacture, it is one of the most powerful market at unbeatable value for money.
Body entirely metallic.
Perforating capacity : 20 sheets 80gr./m².
Binding Capacity : 120 sheets 80gr./m².
Dimensions : W=510mm x D=490mm x H=370mm.
Weight: 25 kg.
1 year warranty.
Complies with CE safety standards.
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Renz SRW 360 Manual punching and binding machine
The universal manual punching and binding machine with the ergonomic two-lever system and easy-to-use auxiliary functions.
42 selectable punching dies, variable margin for adjusting to format perfectly, up to 36cm.
Punches up to 22 sheets (2.2mm) and binds up to 135 sheets.
Ergonomic work flow from top to botton .
Wire holder for binding elements .
Comfortable and easy inserting of the pages when binding.
Best cutting pressure ratio.
Thanks to its modular construction, the SRW 360 can be upgraded with an electric drive, creating an electric punch and manual closing machine.
Compact, strong construction.
Quality "Made in Germany".
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OPUS PROFI EL-PUNCH Electrical Perforating machine
Professional multisystem modular binding equipment.
Electric, foot drive, good efficiency – up to 25 sheets of paper (80 gr./m²).
Available 9 interchangeable punching modules.
It takes up little space and can replace existing traditional punching equipment for wire and plastic binding.
Operation type : electric.
Metal housing : Yes.
Adjustable backgauge : Yes.
Dimensions : W=436mm x d=219mm x H=401mm.
Weight : 30kg.
Warranty 1 year.
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Opus AutoWire Profi Binder Automatic binder for metal spiral Wire-O
The OPUS AutoWire Profi Binder is an automatic, intelligent wirecloser. It’s a perfect solution for those who uses frequent different sizes of wire, or who doesn’t have the skill to make a nice round wireclosing. This machine adjusts itself fully automatically and closes the wire by simple the touch of a button.
No adjustment necessary.
Magnetic backplate ensures a perfect round binding. For wire sizes 4.8 up to 31.5mm.
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Renz SRW 360 Comfort Plus Combined electrical punch and manual binding machines
3:1 pitch electric punching and manual binding machine designed for regular use in a small to medium sized office.
It takes the manual labour out of punching.
Available in the first quarter of 2016 comfortplus stands for a considerably improved punching speed compared with our current comfort series.
The higher speed is achieved using a new motor which is twice as powerful.
The new Comfortplus machines replace the current models SRW 360 comfort, eco 360 comfort, ERW and eco E.
Binds up to 135 sheets.
Closure control guarantees easy ring wire closure for perfect presentations every time.
Gauge to alter margin for a stronger bind.
Special hardened punch pins for long lasting life.
Staggered punching pins for better punching.
QSA (Quick Size Adjustment) for high flexibility of different paper formats: A5, A4 and A3.
Adjustable side lay for perfect punching registration.
Easy to empty sliding waste tray.
Warranty 1 year
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Pas de traduction en anglais.
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RENZ ECL 360 Electric spiral binding machine for metal
Working width up to 360mm.
Up to 1500 strokes / closing time with and without hook.
For all diameters from 3/16 "to 1 1/2" (regardless of it).
A security system incorporated avoids injuries to fingers and ensures optimal protection of users.
Solid metal version, for workshops binding, the copy shops and printing services a business, etc..
Quick and easy adjustment on different diameters in just seconds.
Support for binding on front.
Warranty 1 year.
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Renz DTP 340M Electric punch professional interchangeable tools
Electric punch high yields interchangeable tools.
Use tools Wire-o 3.1 (34 holes) and 2.1 (23 holes), and the perforation holes 21 for plastic spiral.
Change tools in less than 1 minute.
Punching capacity: 35 sheets 80g.
Drilling speed: up to 20,000 sheets / hour.
All punches are releasable for punching out standard formats.
Warranty 1 year.
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Printemat SP-360E Semi-automatic interchangeable die punching machine
The SP-360E Electric Perforator is a mixed solution intended for copy-services and administrations needing a high-performance device.
Automatic paper ejection after electric vertical punching 35-40 sheets.
Supplied without punching tools to choose from as options.
Choice of the type of perforation interchangeable tools: Plastic & Metal Rings Pitch 3:1 & Pitch 2:1, Coil Pitch 4:1.
Adjustable perforation depth : Yes.
Maximum document length : 360mm.
Perforation speed : up to 28,000 sheets / hour.
Perforation capacity : 25 sheets 80gr./m².
Machine weight : 35kg.
Machine dimensions : W=985mm x D=744mm x H=300mm.
Electrical connection 220-240V - 50HZ.
Electric power : 2000w.
Complies with CE safety standards.
1 year warranty.
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Renz ECL 500 Electric spiral binder for metal wire-o 3:1 & 2:1
Renz ECL 500.
Working width up to 500mm.
up to 1500 strokes / closing time with and without hook.
For all diameters from 3/16 "to 1 1/2" (regardless of it).
A security system incorporated avoids injuries to fingers and ensures optimal protection of users.
Solid metal version, for workshops binding, the copy shops and printing services a business, etc..
Quick and easy adjustment on different diameters in just seconds.
Warranty 1 year.
• Support for binding on front.
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Renz ECL 700 Electric Ring Wire closer
The Renz ECL 700 Electric Ring Wire closer is a heavy duty closing machine that is designed for finishing wire bound books up to 27.6 inches in length.
This closing device is designed for use with all different pitches of ring wire, wire-o, wireo, twin loop, wirebind and spiral-o binding spines.
Binding width up to 27.6" [700mm]
Up to 1500 closing cycles per hour with or without calendar hangers.
For finished binding element up to 1 1/2" [32mm] regardless of pitch.
Integrated safety device helps prevent finger injuries and provides maximum operator protection.
Warranty 1 year.
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GBC Magnapunch Pro Interchangeable die punchmachine
Meet the all-new GBC® Magnapunch™ Pro. This powerful interchangeable die punch is the fastest in the industry and delivers unparalleled reliability and durability.
Boasting a half-second punch cycle, the Magnapunch Pro provides your office or print shop with a best-in-class high-volume desktop punch.
Half-second punch cycle.
Efficient power system driven by flywheel technology that converts electric energy to kinetic energy, allowing for faster acceleration and punching.
Punches up to 49 sheets at a time (varies by punch pattern).
Punch activated by table top trigger or foot pedal to maximize throughput.
Easily accessible punch-pins.
Large chip tray with capacity for chips from 40,000 sheets.
All-metal housing.
Redesigned metal cover with die set ruler viewer.
Cast aluminum base that acts as a durable platform for the punching mechanism.
Durable precision worm gears constructed from high-grade carbonized steel, which allow for quick energy transfer and faster punching.
Enhanced edge guide with adjustable sliding knob and screw system.
Locking die set system with integrated safety switch, 13 die sets (including a new wire calendar die), and compatibility with Magnapunch 2.0 dies.
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GBC TL 2900 Electric Wire Closer
The GBC TL2900 makes wire binding faster and easier with this electric finisher.
A dual load-and-crimp station eliminates the extra step of moving documents for loading.
Just hang the spine, load the paper and close with the touch of a button.
LED guide indicators.
Adjustable knob for fine-tuning spine closure.
Wire holder for easy loading of spines.
Angled surface for easy loading and paper alignment.
Unit Dimensions: 18" x 7" x 13".
Warranty 1 year.
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Renz DTP 340A Semi-automatic punching machine
Electric punch table high performance.
Punching capacity approx. 1800 - 2000 cycles per hour.
Punching width 340 mm max.
Automatic or manual mode choice (footswitch).
Quick and easy tool change (2 min. Max.) Through retractable paper conveyor.
Vertical easy installation paper.
Paper guide to semi-automatic adjustment.
Receiver removable paper for non perforated paper.
Box of variable reception with a front drawer for perforated paper.
Automatic drain throat punch at a club Walking.
Punches punching tools can be disengaged by a
The distance to edge tools is adjustable.
Gear dog.
Special equipment:
Round shot thumb, 20mm, only for full binding, 3:1 pitch.
Warranty 1 year.
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RENZ PUNCH 500 Professional electric punch
Electric punch RENZ Punch 500 with a universal vocation of perforating tools interchangeable.
Working width 500mm.
Cycles of theoretical perforation: 3000 - 3500/h.
Punching capacity in practice: 400-500/h.
Maximum thickness perforation: 2.5 -3.0mm.
QSA advantageous tools (punch knives disengageable by a)
Ultra-fast exchange of punching tools.
Perforating tools into two parts with boost.
Warranty 1 year.
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RENZ PUNCH 700 Electric punch strong capacity
Very robust machines designed for continuous operation, equipped with a new training technique, used to perforate paper, cardboard and plastics up to 70cm working width.
Easy handling through footswitch or sitting or standing.
The vertical paper ensures easy handling and friendly particularly large formats.
Further, grooving is also possible to place any of the sheet.
The side openings allow the perforation of double length formats.
The great advantage of Punchers Super 700, besides their ability to particularly high perforation is the possibility to use
almost all drilling tools or other brands, using adapters.
They therefore allow universal use.
Tool change easy and fast in minutes.
Their sophisticated technique that has been proven for years guaranteed them a long life.
With interchangeable tools, it is possible to work such as grooving, perforating and cutting directories.
Working width 700mm.
For medium and large print runs, especially in the production of calendars.
Format of the perforated page : max. 700mm.
Format of the imperforate page min. 60mm.
Punching thickness : max. 4.5 mm (depending on the tool).
Drilling speed : 400 - 500 rounds / h (depending on the operator).
Laying the paper : horizontal.
Weight : 40 to 1000 gr./m².
Cutting directory : yes.
Interchangeable tools : yes.
Tool change in a few minutes.
Format change: in minutes thanks to QSA tools.
Edge distance adjustable sheet yes.
Perforating punches detachable yes.
Dimensions: Length x Width x Height: 900 x 850 x 1100mm.
Warranty 1 year.
0.0 EUR
RENZ AP 300 Compact
Perforateur entièrement automatique, compact et productif, idéal pour vos moyens et importants tirages de perforation.
Système d'alimentation automatique permettant de traiter sans aucun problème des liasses de documents mixés issus d'impressions offsets et numériques.
Moteur puissant et silencieux de 900w permettant la perforation de liasses jusqu'à 1,2mm d'épaisseur.
Table d'alimentation haute pile, automatiquement ajustée en hauteur.
Table de réception haute pile inclinée pour un taquage parfait des documents perforés.
Ecran LCD tactile pour une utilisation aisée.
Grand réceptacle à confettis amovible.
Machine compacte, montée sur roulette.
Principales caractéristiques techniques :
Cycles d'actionnement mécanique : 3.600/heure.
Largeur min. de perforation : 148mm.
Largeur max. de perforation : 320mm.
Long. min. du bord non perforé : 148mm.
Long. max. du bord non perforé : 300mm.
Épaisseur max. de perforation : 1.2mm.
Perforation Automatique.
Matrices de perforation proposées : Pas 3:1 wire-O, Pas 2:1 wire -O, coil, reliure plastique, etc...
Poinçons débrayables (QSA).
Temps de changement de matrice : 1,5 minute.
Dimensions de la machine : L=1.420 x l=812 x H=1.326mm.
Poids de la machine : 380kg.
Alimentation électrique : 230V~50Hz / 0.9kW.
Conforme aux normes de sécurité CE.
Garantie 1 an.
0.0 EUR
Renz Mobi 500 Semi-automatic Ring Wire Binding machine
User friendly, flexible, semi-automatic RENZ RING WIRE® binding machine for books, calendars and skip binding.
Semi-automatic ring wire binding machine for books, calendars and skip binding.
High flexibility of different paper formats.
Ability to bind oversized products.
Touch screen assisted setup process.
Short setup times no tools required.
Binds up to 260 sheets.
Product is easily loaded by hanging it on to the element.
No special training is required.
Wheels allow the machine to be moved easily
Optional extra : Shingle conveyor.
KAS calendar hanger systems.
Warranty 1 year.
0.0 EUR