Renz AP-360 DIGITAL Fully automatic punch system

Each Renz machine is the result of numerous technical innovations and considerable practical experience.
The AP-360 Digital meets a variety of requirements, which were established as the result of an intensive exchange of ideas with users.
The result is top quality punching technology delivering totally new levels of performance and economic efficiency.
Control system AP-360 Digital :
Format adjustment without tools using servo motors ensures the quickest possible set up times. The machine settings are entered on the screen and can be saved in memory for repeated use.

Improved profits :
Punching can be a bottleneck in the production chain whether you produce small and average sized runs or extremely large runs. Efficient production of these jobs is the key to added profits.
The AP-360 Digital gives you the shortest set up times and allows you to punch small quantities efficiently.
In addition, the AP-360 is mounted on wheels for easy transport and the compact profile can pass through standard doorways.
Two finger pick up system :
Not available in other machines in this category. The layers of paper are picked up gently, even when punching mixed paper types and heavy weight papers. An adjustable air blower is available (optional).
Turn-over drum :
After punching, the sheets are rotated around a large drum to maintain the correct page sequence at the output station.
Punching unit with QSA* dies :
Paper format can be changed in seconds with QSA* punching dies.
This feature reduces the set up time by as much as 15 minutes and is unique for fully automatic punching machines (*QSA = Quick Size Adjustment).
Drive system :
Heavy duty components and the latest stepper motor technology are used for reliable operation with minimal wear and a long life span.
Warranty 1 year.

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