SKY LAM 380 Super Dual

Combined laminating PET, BOPP and gilding, extra capacity, performance and security (to prevent accidents and overheating): these machines have everything to meet the needs of professional excellence !
They are perfect for stunning affiches advertising, posters, visual decorations salons, shops, etc.
For more efficiency, they have the added bonus of the side cutters to cut the plasticized documents, a ventilation system for cooling and a drive control pedal.
SKY LAM 380 Dual offers the most used format for plasticized cation continuously.
Sleeking Laminating.
PET & BOPP Laminating rolls.
Special Core Unit 3 sizes, (25, 58 and 76mm) in one unit.
Dual LCD system.
End Cutter.
Two Infrared Sensor.
Technical specifications :
Max. Laminating Width : 350mm.
Max. Laminating Speed : 4,6m./min.
Max. Laminating Thickness : 13mm.
Heating System : Heating roller internal heater.
Quantity of Roller : 4.
Temperature Control : yes.
Speed Control : yes.
Display LCD.
Preheating Time : 8min.
Power Supply AC 230, 240v (50/60Hz).
Power Consumption : 1,550 watts.
Dimension : W=700mm x D=460mm x H=272mm.
Weight : 55kgs.
Operation Temperature : 0-150.
CE certificated.
Warranty 2 years.

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